Laundry Love

The story of Laundry Love began with T-Bone, a homeless gentleman living in Ventura, CA.  Someone asked T-Bone what type of help would matter the most to him.  His response was honest and practical.  “If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being.”

T-Bone’s desire for worth and welcome is found in us all.  We all yearn to be treated as human beings.  The creative and collective energy used to sustain, expand and share Laundry Love reminds us all that every human being has tremendous worth, value and possibility.  Welcome to Laundry Love!

Laundry Love honors and serves the homeless and working poor in Georgetown.  On the last Thursday of every month between 6-8 pm, we pay for patrons’ laundry, offer detergent, and have a pizza party.
We fund each Laundry Love event through the generous donations of people in our community.  To donate, please go to our PayPal or sign up HERE to help host the event.
In addition to providing care for those who are struggling financially, Laundry Love is a great way to begin friendships.  Laundry Love offers time to engage in meaningful conversations both with those who are committed to the effort, and those who benefit from your care and concern.  All you have is time in a laundromat, make the best of it!