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With Helping Hands of Georgetown, we provide meals for the underserved, working poor and homeless in our community.

What we ask for from volunteers is to prepare lunches and then to deliver them to the mobile canteen in the large parking lot across from the Georgetown Public Library on 8th St. at 3:15pm on your selected day. There will be a car/van that distributes the bags, it will have a magnetic sign that says Helping Hands Mobile Canteen” on the side of it.

Meals are needed every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You can sign up* for one time or choose the same day or days each month.

Basic bags = salty item (ex: chips, crackers), sweet item (ex: cookies), fruit (ex: orange, banana, or other soft fruit filled item is good as well), and a napkin all in brown lunch bag.

Sandwich only in a ziplock bag = meat & cheese, etc. (will be added to the bag provided with the basic bag).

Full lunch = all of the above

Waters = 2 cases (24 ct.) of water bottles, these can be any brand.

***we respectfully ask that the sandwiches and snacks not contain peanut butter due to peanut allergies.

*Sign up options are for BASIC BAGS or SANDWICHES or FULL LUNCHES.

In addition to individual volunteers, we have several organizations and businesses that have chosen a day or days to donate either the basic bags or a sandwich/burger.

Thank you….none of this would be possible without the generous hearts of our volunteers!  


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