Give Back

Helping Hands of Georgetown is a 501(c)3 funded through the kindness of citizens like you!

With Helping Hands we value ALL lives.

Helping Hands of Georgetown is a 100% volunteer organization looking to better the lives of those around us. While it isn’t widely recognized, we do have a homeless population here in Georgetown and we have a good number of people that work hard to stay under the radar.

Sometimes they just need a haircut and a good suit to wear to an interview and sometimes they need dinner for their young family. Whatever the need, we hope to find a way (with the help of volunteers and our VERY generous City) to fill it! This is a Non-Profit that began with heart and it will grow with HEART.

Right now our main focus is taking “bag lunches” and Pantry Bags with goods out every Monday through Thursday afternoon with the “Helping Hands Mobile Pantry”.

With the help of local volunteers we put together bag lunches each day every week and we go out into the community and distribute. We offer lunch (or dinner), a bag with 4 meals and we offer a shoulder of support.

Ready to give back to YOUR community?


Want to send us goods from Amazon? We have a WishList too!!