Mobile Food Pantry

For months now Helping Hands of Georgetown has been preparing. We have been cleaning and repairing and working on a BUS! Yes I said it, a BUS! In late 2017 we were gifted a 14 passenger bus. EEEK! It hadn’t been running for 10 years and had quite a few repairs that it needed BUT… Continue reading Mobile Food Pantry

Our trip to Community First! in Austin

Recently we took our second BUS full fo volunteers out to CommunityFirst! in Austin. CommunityFirst! is a permanent OR transitional housing that EMPOWERS the homeless community in Austin to be as self-sufficient and community minded as they can be to further better their lives. As a group Helping Hands has worked closely with CommunityFirst! founder… Continue reading Our trip to Community First! in Austin

Article in the Sun Rays!

We are a proud people… just in general we are raised to be strong and proud. This article in the Sun City Sun Rays is beautifully written and shows the dedication to family and heart of gold of our Founder, Bob Weimer. Please take a moment to read and share! Thank you. Our thanks to… Continue reading Article in the Sun Rays!

Did you know?

   We deliver meals: 3 days a week Each day we serve about 50 food insecure families… that’s 150 per WEEK! A lot of times people assume that what we do is only about the homeless population. IT’S NOT! We are here to recognize those that are working hard to keep their heads above water.… Continue reading Did you know?

What We Do!

With Helping Hands Mobile Canteen we send Jesse out twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons) with bag lunches. Some of these lunches come from volunteers that help out of their own home and some come from community partners like Hat Creek Burgers, CJ’s Catering or Brix and Ale We take this time to find… Continue reading What We Do!